Design Museum London announces opening date and inaugural show

Google Creative Lab has put out a call-for-entires for applications to join its team on a one year paid programme called The Five. Entrants can apply from fields including writing, design, filmmaking and developing, “with the occasional wild card.” The Creative Lab 5 site acts as the application form, inviting people to “write, design, code,

Studio Vanessa Ban’s book design plays with space and typography

Based in Manchester, Slovakia-born designer Jozef Ondirk has been doing work with Deep Throat Studio, an independent design practice he co-founded with Zdenek Kvasnica, which aims to be a space for collaboration and discussion. As well as creating various printed materials, the studio also runs workshops and presentations on creating better design-based solutions. Asked to

Classic Film Characters Flee in Terror in This Masterful Supercut Made

Madrid-based design studio Naranjo-Etxeberria has produced a publication for architects Fake Industries Architectural Agonism’s proposed designs for the new Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki. “The creative process wasn’t easy,” says co-founder Diego Etxeberria. “The architects live in Sydney, Carlota Santamaria the creative director lives in LA and we are in Madrid. The process was a mix

Digital Sputnik’s DS LED Lighting System

This is the background behind what makes the quote from Melinda Gates is so interesting and progressive and the very backbone of INDEX: Design to Improve Life®, the organisation. Earlier this year I interviewed Richard Turley, the creative director who revolutionised Bloomberg Business Week before moving to MTV. Asked to compare the creative scenes in